Planning inspector cites “the need to support economic growth” in Southampton

One of the UK’s largest proposed private hospitals has won its planning appeal.

The decision to reject planning for the 12,800m2 facility at Adnac Park in an affluent area of Southampton has been overturned by the planning inspector, who cited “the need to support economic growth”.

The appeal was launched by planning consultant Turley Associates, on behalf of landowner Barker Mill Estates.

Private healthcare provider Circle Healthcare – which was identified earlier this month as the first private sector operator of an NHS hospital at Hinchingbrooke, Cambridgeshire – is the proposed end-user of the Southampton facility.

Stuart Irvine, a director in Turley Associates’ Southampton office, said: “I am delighted with the decision. 

“It confirms our approach to the site, which centres on the desire to secure growth.

“It ensures that in a period of economic downturn, opportunities to bring forward development are not frustrated by local authorities that stand in the way of inward investment.”