It's not easy being a health and safety professional, but it's certainly important

The IOSH Conference in Glasgow discussed the topic of making a case for health and safety, increasing positive communication and helping H, S and E professionals to do their jobs without obstruction or prejudice.

This got me thinking ….

Imagine the scene

You’re sat in a small bar with live comedy. The room is dimly lit. You are sat towards the front near the stage (your first mistake). The comedian looks you in the eye, “What is your name” he barks. You reply obediently. “What do you do ?” Your blood runs cold. You tell yourself to make something up …. Anything, anything must be better than what I do. Estate Agent – No, Taxman – No, Death himself – No. You have to be honest, but what you have to say will lead to mockery and a room full of boiling hatred. So you say it, “I work in Health and Safety”.

Everyone around you hates you. They are all thinking of the last story they read in the Daily Mail about health and safety and how it is systematically ruining an already “Broken Britain” – Conkers Bonkers, blame claims and people tied up in health and safety paperwork, unable to do their jobs.

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