Mel Starrs, a prominent champion of sustainability in the built environment, has died.

mel Starrs

Starrs, who was 38, passed away on 14 July.

Starrs, an associate director at architect PRP, was a well-known advocate of sustainability in the built environment, and wrote a regular blog for Building magazine.

In a statement, her partner Mark Fretwell said: “She was my beautiful, funny and utterly brilliant partner-in-crime for more than 11 years, and words will never be able to express how much I am going to miss her.

“I know that her family, friends and colleagues are all feeling the same way.

“It will be some time before we understand the exact cause, however all the indications are that it was extremely quick and that she would not have suffered. We can at least take a little comfort in that.

“Mel put so much time, care and attention into creating the content for her blog. I know because I watched her do it over countless evenings and weekends. She just believed so passionately in creating a better built environment and in making a nicer place for us all to share.

“She built an incredible army of followers on Twitter, where I know she will be missed by a great many. I know she had a real bond with so many people she’d never met in person, and used to love it when they came up and introduced themselves at events.

“Mel was such an amazing person, and for so many different reasons.

“She was the most supportive and wonderful partner I could have ever hoped for and she will be sorely missed by all our family and friends.

“Mel’s funeral will be taking place in her home town of Ballycastle, Northern Ireland as soon as all the necessary formalities have been completed.”

Starrs’ most recent blog for Building, posted on 13 July, can be read here.