The Met office has launched a weather forecasting service tailored to the needs of the construction industry.
Called MetBuild Direct, the service sends a fax or email to a contractor giving a five-day local area forecast, allowing firms to better plan their work schedules.

The service will run seven days a week, beginning at 4am each day. It will covers 45 areas across the UK and can be moulded to meet the particular forecasting needs of any given site, from housing repairs to major projects.

Contractors can choose up to six different weather elements in their forecasts to meet the needs of their project.

Met Office sector marketing manager Hazel Jewell said: "The building and construction industries are very susceptible to weather. By using MetBuild Direct, everybody from major contractors to single individual builders can plan their work around the elements – saving them time and money."

Jewell added: "By listening to our customers and working with industry experts, we have designed MetBuild Direct specifically to meet the needs of the construction industry."

The price for the service begins at £350 a month (excluding VAT).

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