Consortium sets out how the work will be divided, as Tube part-privatisation gets provisional go-ahead.
Tube consortium Metronet has outlined plans for its two-thirds share of the London Underground part-privatisation, set to be signed this spring.

The group, which includes Balfour Beatty, WS Atkins, Seeboard and Thames Water, said it would divide up its work as follows:

  • Track renewal will be managed by Balfour Beatty Rail under a framework contract.
  • Station modernisation will be managed by a joint venture of Balfour Beatty Construction, Thames Water, Seeboard Contracting and WS Atkins.
  • Civils infrastructure work is to be managed by the above joint venture.
  • Rolling stock and signalling will be managed by Bombardier.

Brian Devenish, supply chain director at Metronet, said contracts had been drawn up for major construction and civil engineering work. He said: "We have set target costs. It gives security for backers and shareholders."

Devenish said: "The infracos [overseeing bodies] will become contract management outfits. We are trying to get rid of a huge number of interfaces in the system that create a myriad of contracts. That's why we have brought through a supply chain, where there are four interfaces."

Devenish said the consortium had yet to allocate responsibility for "grey assets", including some tunnels and bridges. He said Metronet would be deciding with LU on a programme of works for these items in the first seven-and-a-half years of the contract.

The other PPP consortium, Tubelines, confirmed it had also set aside funds to deal with grey assets, which it said would include embankments and drainage works.

A Tubelines spokesperson said these items made up less than 10% of the assets taken over as part of the PPP.

Tubelines said it was finalising its management team for the take over of its third of the network. The team is expected to number 50 people.

The £16bn PPP was last week given the green light by LU and the government in the face of continued opposition from London mayor Ken Livingstone.