Nearly 300 full-time administration and management positions will go as well as 200 consultants

The tube operator Metronet is to make around 300 of its permanent staff redundant as it streamlines its business.

Metronet workers

Some 290 full time administrative and middle management positions will be affected by the group’s plan to streamline parts of the organisation although it claims through redeployment the number of redundancies could be lower.

The business restructure will see the group streamlining its centrally-based administrative support functions, reducing the number of management levels between the senior management of the business and the shop floor.

Metronet also plans to reduce the total numbers of temporary agency staff and consultants within the support functions of its operations.

Metronet CEO, Andrew Lezala said: “The ongoing need for Metronet to be economic and efficient continues to be a key business objective, and it addresses issues raised by the PPP Arbiter in his annual review last November. While I have already introduced significant change within Metronet, it’s been necessary for us to conduct a further review to ensure that we have the right number of people in place – doing the right jobs in our business.”

Metronet anticipates that the majority of the programme will be completed during the summer of 2007.