Construction minister urges employers to get behind youth recruitment intitiative.

Construction minister Alun Michael has urged the industry to back the National Construction Week initiative to try to boost the number of young recruits to the sector.

The move comes as training body CITB-ConstructionSkills called on employers to act now to take on apprentices before the annual 19 August deadline for apprenticeships. ConstructionSkills still has a number of young people on its books that have passed selection tests but have not yet found placements.

In a written message included within a toolkit produced by CITB-ConstructionSkills to support national construction week, an event aimed at giving young people an insight into construction, Alun Michael emphasized the importance of promoting an inclusive industry.

He said: “The continued success of this industry's future will depend on its ability to attract and retain talented people of all ages, particularly young people. The image presented needs to reflect an inclusive industry that individuals, regardless of background, are proud to work in. This is why National Construction Week is so important."

The toolkit is aimed at encouraging companies to open their sites for a day during construction week to allow visits from schools and colleges. ConstructionSkills will match volunteer companies with local schools looking to learn about the industry.