Visionary plans for the future of Milton Keynes will be submitted to the government's consultation on the South East Plan

The Milton Keynes Partnership Committee has agreed that the proposed growth strategy for the city is to form the basis for its submission to the government's consultation on the South East Plan, which closes on 23 June.

Sir Bob Reid, chairman of Milton Keynes Partnership Committee, said: "The South East Regional Assembly has already received submissions from all other parts of the South East about proposals for their areas and has been waiting to receive a proposal from Milton Keynes. By agreeing to make a submission to the Government Office we can now ensure that Milton Keynes is represented when these important discussions about growth take place."

The growth strategy suggests the provision of up to 13,000 houses in the existing city, with two proposed new urban extensions to the South East and the South West of Milton Keynes.

All of the local authorities involved in this process will be making their individual submissions to the consultation on the South East Plan in the autumn and will subsequently give their own evidence to the South East Plan Panel.

Reid added: "This new vision for Milton Keynes presents an exciting plan for the future through the creation of a one speed city where all citizens, not just those in areas of growth and change, can reap the benefits of major investment in infrastructure, educational facilities and the environment."