Bid organisers craned a modular meeting room onto a 22-storey housing block to give IOC members a clear view of London's vision.

The team behind London's bid for the 2012 Olympics craned in a modular meeting on the top of 22-storey sheltered housing block to show off the site planned for the games to IOC committee members last week.

The unusual £70,000 block was lowered on to galvanised steel frame on top of the Holden Point building in Stratford and hosted a meeting between London's bidding team and IOC panel members visiting the capital city last Wednesday. The room offered view of the Lea Valley, where the proposed Olympic stadium and village will be situated, as well as the CTRL link going to and from Stratford.

The team behind the unusual scheme revealed how it created a unique view to IOC members this week. The team included Leytonstone contractor Kind & Co and modular manufacturer Wernick Building, who assembled the room at its plant in Neath, South Wales.

Wernick director Simon Reffell said the project had gone smoothly despite a slight delay due to high winds. He said: "It offered great views for the IOC members."