But CITB says firms must have access to migrant labour to plug skills gaps

The government has published further details of its post-Brexit immigration system with several roles listed as skilled workers with access to the skilled worker route.

Production managers and directors in construction make the list if they are earning a minimum of £34,900, while construction project managers and related professionals will have access to an employment visa if they earn £28,700.

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More roles have been added to the skilled worker list

Steve Radley, CITB strategy and policy director, said: “This announcement gives real assurance to employers that migrant workers will be able to work in construction if they have the necessary skills, but do not hold a formal qualification.

“The inclusion of key construction roles as part of the new skilled worker route is also welcome.”

Radley said construction employers needed clarity on how they will be able to effectively access skilled workers through the new system from January, while the industry develops a home-grown workforce.

He said there would still be a need for access to migrant workers to bridge any emerging skills gaps that could impact recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.

But RIBA president Alan Jones said the uncertainty for UK chartered architects was ongoing: "UK practices must be able to attract and retain global talent, especially smaller firms and those outside of London who are looking to recruit international skills. Salary thresholds, for example, must not be a barrier."

He said the new entrant salary discount would provide support for some but the RIBA was concerned the length of study for many international architects will make this benefit unobtainable.