But latest Barbour ABI data shows more projects getting back on track

There is still more than £50bn worth of projects that are still delayed, according to the latest Barbour ABI data.

While the value of delayed projects reduced significantly over the past week there are still 4,266 projects delayed with a value of £51.3bn.

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Sites have been told by the government they can apply to stay open until 9pm

This is a weekly decrease of 370 projects and a decrease in project value of £10.3bn.

The value of projects confirmed open or restarting has increased by £13.4bn, from £61.5bn to £74.9bn.

This is an increase in the number of projects of 493 to 2,037. Most of the increase, £7bn, was in the residential sector. Other sectors with significant restart values were infrastructure with £2.5bn and commercial at £800m.

Of these, restarted projects account for £10.3bn and 285 of the weekly increase.

Contract awards and new tenders have also reduced further in May, with contract awards around 60% down from pre-covid levels, while tenders have fallen by 40%.

Contract awards are down by 75% and tenders have fallen by 60% compared to pre-crisis levels.

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