Davis langdon partner Paul Morrell this week slammed the RICS for its "lack of respect for construction" and called for reform
Morrell, speaking at a meeting of the governing council, criticised the RICS for its "Byzantine structure and lack of accountability". He warned that the industry would not stay on board for the long haul if these issues were not addressed.

Morrell, who chairs the construction sector strategy group at the RICS, called for the institution to be divided into three branches: land, property and construction. The 16 faculties that now exist ought to be regrouped informally in to one of these three sectors he said.

Morrell called for an end to the "introspection" of the construction faculty at RICS, and said it had to raise its profile with government.

He said: "If the objective is to influence, our standing needs to be the same as bodies such CIPER, CABE and Constructing Excellence."

He also urged the industry to modernise working practices by introducing e-procurement protocols.

Morrell's comments were welcomed by Jeremy Hackett, a senior consultant at Schofield Lothian. His "Stop the Rot" campaign is pressing for a reduction in the 32% increase in the RICS fees passed last April.

Hackett, who had been invited to the general council meeting, assured delegates he was there "to reform the RICS, not wreck it".

He said: "The RICS no longer seems to be effective in government; it's allowed itself to be pushed back." Hackett remained defiant over his opposition to the fee increase, and called for further funds to finance the judicial review that would be necessary to overturn it.

  • John Williams, former chairman of the RICS junior organisation, has been elected senior vice president. Delva Patman, of Delva Patman Associates, came second. Patman had received official endorsement from the RICS. Tony Towell, also a vice president, came third.