Hutchins UK Building Blackbook contains carbon data for the first time to allow environmental impacts to be quantified

Engineering consultants Mott MacDonald has launched what is claimed to be the first ever price book to contain estimated values for CO2 emissions of construction activities.

As well as providing the usual rates of work, the Hutchins UK Building Blackbook also provides comprehensive data on the CO2 emissions relating to the work to enable the environmental impact to be quantified. This is given on a cradle to gate measurement for the material with further data given on different forms of transportation to enable the cradle to site figures to be calculated for a specific project.

James Fiske, head of Mott MacDonald’s economic research unit, said: “By introducing carbon data into the Blackbook, we can now quantify the environmental impacts of our building decisions with greater ease. Building owners, operators and businesses are being placed under pressure to reduce their CO2 impact.

"This CO2 measure is going to become increasingly influential as we move into times of CO2 taxation and trading to comply with the reduction agreed in the UK Climate Change Act.”