Michael Clapham to make his demands at a Business and Enterprise Department ministers debate on 23 March

A Labour MP has called on ministers to ban contractors who used the blacklist of construction workers from tendering for public contracts.

Responding Harriet Harman, leader of the House of Commons, who said last week that the government would take measures to stop blacklists being used, Michael Clapham, MP for Barnsley West and Penistone, urged ministers to bar the firm that had done so from being considered for public projects.

Clapham welcomed Harman's statement and said he would make his own demands in a debate, scheduled with ministers from the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform on 23 March.

From today, employees who believe they are on the list are being encouraged to contact the ICO.

Colin Trousdale, who has believed in the existence of a blacklist for several years, said he had today received confirmation he was on the list. “I just want to see my file and what comments have been made now,” he added.

Those who receive confirmation that they are on the list are asked to send copies of their passports to the ICO, before they can receive their file.