Contractor claims 560 design changes could delay stadium by more than a year.

Contractor Multiplex is set to demand £150m from Wembley National Stadium Limited in the forthcoming legal case likely over delays at Wembley.

The contractor claims that there are 560 design changes, some significant, which have caused delays to the project. Multiplex says these entitle it to an extra 18 months to build the stadium, according to The Guardian.

This would not see the stadium open until July 2007.

Multiplex is also likely to refer to an agreement, since abandoned, for WNSL to pay them a £26m grant to offset the £183m losses currently set to be incurred.

Multiplex will claim that they are entitled to an extension, but WNSL will say that it was contingent on the build being prepared for this year's FA Cup Final.

Mutliplex is understood to be ready to settle out of court for £80m but neither party is understood to be likely to settle.