Paul Gandy, managing director of Multiplex UK, the contractor building the national stadium at Wembley, has told Building there will be no design changes during the construction process.
Multiplex started the demolition of Wembley stadium last week, days after funding for the national stadium was secured. It now has 40 months to build the replacement.

Gandy said: "The scheme is very advanced and defined. I think it's one of those schemes that isn't going to be subject to a great deal of change. The advantage of the late start is that the design is very well developed – that's how we were able to start [on site] straight away."

Gandy also confirmed that Multiplex will gain financially if it builds the stadium for less than the £445m construction budget. He said: "It's no different from any other big design-and-build contract. If we manage to find savings then we anticipated, that's to our benefit."

Multiplex's commercial strategy in the UK is likely to be based on the construction of towers. Two members of Gandy's team were involved in the construction of the Emirates Tower in the United Arab Emirates, one of the world's 10 tallest buildings.

The company is also looking to concentrate on projects worth £40m or more, although it presently working on a £10m scheme in Staines, Surrey.