Wembley contractor says it expects more legal wranglings with the client over the troubled stadium

Contractor Multiplex has warned that it expects “many more adjudications and possible legal proceedings” against Wembley client WNSL as the row over the troubled project continues.

In an update to the Australian stock exchange issued today, Multiplex said that there had been no material change to the project status over the past month, although the installation of the stadium’s 90,000 seats was now complete.

Multiplex reiterated that a number of critical works required for completion are WNSL’s responsibility, and that the client controls the timetable for these.

In its statement, the company said: “Multiplex is currently pursuing its entitlements against WNSL. An adjudication process has commenced in relation to a number of individual issues with many more adjudications and possible legal proceedings to follow.”