Architect Helen Newman has digital Scandamania, buying Danish furniture and snapping pics of Norwegian wildlife. Don’t look for the photos on Facebook, though

What have you recently bought online?

I just bought a Canon Powershot SLR from I travel quite a bit and I’m going on holiday to Spitsbergen in the Arctic this month – I wanted to get the best camera to take pictures of the polar bears and walruses.

What’s your normal means of communication – email, Twitter, blog or scented letter?

Email or text, mostly. I’ve never thought of keeping a blog. There is a blog on the development of the Rotunda that someone out there is keeping – nobody on the project team, I hasten to add – so we all read that in the office. It’s quite interesting getting an outside perspective.

What’s your favourite way to meet people – social networking or face-to-face?

Definitely face-to-face. I couldn’t imagine meeting a client online. I’ve not yet been sucked into Facebook, although some of my friends have. I’m just sitting back and waiting to make a decision on it in my own time.

What’s your favourite online entertainment?

I’m addicted to

They ship over all this weird second-hand sixties furniture from Denmark. I just bought a sofa on it. No, it’s nothing like Ikea; it’s a lot cooler.

I could browse on it for hours – but not at work, of course!

What’s the most useful site on the internet?

For those of us on the project team, it’s We’re always having to send each other massive documents and files and this site stores big documents

online so that anyone can access them. It’s useful for work, but you can also share pictures and music on it.

What shall we play?

I like to play tennis and go sailing – but in the real world! I never really got into computer games. I’ve heard you can get sailing games , but I don’t think the experience would measure up, somehow.

What’s in your digital holster?

I couldn’t go anywhere without my Blackberry. I’m a bit of an addict. I just bought an iPod but I haven’t quite got round to putting any music onto it.