What’s your favourite iTune?

The White Stripes

That’s a difficult one as I love all kinds of music, but currently I'd have to say Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

What have you recently bought online?

A Tom Tom satellite navigation system for my wife's car as she’s always getting lost!

Do you network online?

I network on linkedin.com from time to time but I much prefer the phone or even better face-to-face. I guess I'm old fashioned on that score!

What’s in your digital holster?

A Toshiba laptop, BlackBerry and my trusty iPod nano for all those long train journeys.

What’s your favourite website?


Sportinglife.com. I’m a sports fanatic so the website’s news alerts are essential!

Where shall we play?

I play all sorts on the Xbox 360 with my two boys, but my favourite is Football Manager on the PC.