The man standing on this timber scaffolding was the person who erected it, yes or no?

Not surprisingly the answer is no This blunder was sent in by Alan Wooldridge who passed this example of self-build scaffolding while on his way to the office. He explains:

"The chap who owned the property came out to talk to me wanting to know why I was taking the photographs, and I told him that it was a classic example of how not to safely paint the front of a property and that our CDM people would use it as an example when training."

"He then informed me of the high cost of hiring a proper scaffold, and how economic his solution to the problem was."

"I noted that he had found someone else to actually use the timber scaffold, also that this chap had limited knowledge of spoken English, and I’m guessing of basic site health and safety."

"You will see that no expense was spared when it came to nails at each joint there was at least one."