Architects such as Sir Terry Farrell who have designed government offices recently are set to have the green credentials of their work scrutinised by the National Audit Office.

The parliamentary watchdog has launched a study into the sustainability of Whitehall’s estate, including government agency buildings and Farrell and Partners’ Home Office.

The NAO will judge whether the government’s new buildings have been good value for money in terms of their sustainability.

The report will examine recently commissioned and completed projects and decide whether they have hit government-prescribed sustainability targets.

The NAO’s regular team of consultants, including Arup and Atkins, will undertake most of the study. However, it is understood QS firms, including Cyril Sweett, have been in informal discussions with the NAO about taking on certain aspects of the report.

The scope for the NAO study includes looking at whether government departments have spent their refurbishment budgets efficiently on sustainability measures.

It will also consider whether “unsustainable” buildings could improve value for money by incorporating more sustainable features.