Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 will look at economical, social and environmental sustainability

An independent body that will monitor the sustainability of the London 2012 Olympic Games is being launched today.

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 will report to the Olympic Board on all aspects of sustainability – economical, environmental and social.

The body will be chaired by Shaun McCarthy, as revealed by Building in November, a former head of sustainability at airport operator BAA.

The move comes as the Olympics Delivery Authority reveals its sustainability strategy.

McCarthy said the CSL was the first time a separate body had been set up to scrutinise the Olympic Games. He said: “We will require the Olympic bodies to demonstrate they have robust plans in place to meet their sustainability commitments. We will also challenge the 2012 programme to create a legacy of which future generations can be proud.”

The ODA’s strategy aims to achieve a 50% cut in the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the Olympic Park and the venues through a combination of on-site energy generation and renewable energy.

The ODA has also pledged to reuse or recycle 90% of demolition material generated during the construction of the village and to ensure that at least 20% of materials used will be recycled.

Additionally, it includes ambitious targets to reduce by 40% demand for potable water in the Games’ permanent venues and to transport half of the park’s construction materials by water and rail.

ODA chief executive David Higgins said: "This strategy is unprecedented for a development of this nature and signals a watershed moment in the delivery of sports facilities in the UK. We are meeting tomorrow's requirements today - far exceeding current policy targets.”

The recruitment of commissioners for the CSL will commence shortly.