Faithful+Gould given £175m budget to design earthquake-proof mixed-use development including 30-storey hotel in Islamabad.

Consultant Faithful+Gould has been appointed to work with Atkins on the concept design for Pakistan's tallest building.

Faithful+Gould is estimating costs for the proposed £175m mixed-use development in Islamabad, which will become Pakistan's tallest building. Construction on the project is due to start next year.

The building will include a 30-storey hotel, residential apartments, offices and a retail centre. Its design will minimise the risk of damage by earthquakes, as seismic activity presents a common threat in the region.

Faithful+Gould regional director David Wright said: "Islamabad is only 60km or so from the epicentre of the recent dreadful earthquake in Kashmir so the development will be designed with the risk of future earthquakes in mind."