Jubilee Line Extension civils workers have become the latest workers to be offered a “golden handshake”, guaranteeing them up to £1600 when they leave the project.

The deal, agreed between joint-venture contractor Balfour Beatty/Amec and construction union UCATT, guarantees workers with three years’ service on the JLE a £1200 payment when the scheme ends, plus a week’s pay if they are made redundant before then.

The deal is in line with a similar package offered to electricians on the much troubled project. It was agreed last week after Balfour Beatty/Amec workers threatened to take industrial action over the issue.

UCATT official Jerry Swain said the £1200 payment would cover about 40% of the workforce. Others will receive payments of £500-1000, plus a week’s pay.

Swain said: “This agreement sets the standard for future agreements as it not only rewards those who are made redundant, but also those who are transferred to other projects.” Balfour Beatty/Amec refused to discuss details of the deal. A spokesperson said: “We have reached an agreement and we’re working towards completion.”