IRT Surveys' infrared analysis tool provides easy online assessment of CO2 as well as heat loss

An infrared analysis tool has been launched that quantifies the heat loss through a building's walls, roof and windows and the associated carbon-dioxide emissions.

Developed by IRT Surveys, it uses an infrared thermal image of a building, which the user can assess online to provide quantifiable data on the energy loss and associated CO2 emissions.

It is aimed at both residential and commercial sectors and would enable surveyors to use a thermal camera and predict possible savings without having to be an energy expert or thermography expert.

Thermal image of house

The tool has recently been used on the Fintry Community Council project to demonstrate to homeowners the areas where they were losing heat from their property and identify the best measures for improving energy efficiency.

The analysis tool uses the infrared image to determine the amount of energy leaking from the building and then attributes a value for the CO2 depending on the fuel used to heat the building.

The user has two options when it comes to inputting data on the building's heating systems. At the basic level, the software uses a template for the heating system and efficiency most likely for the age and type of property. More advanced levels let the user specify the heating types, fuels, controls and efficiencies. Solar gains are also taken into account in regard to positions and amount of glazing.