Morrison suspended dealings with NG Bailey this week because of the infamous YouTube footage. It could happen to others, warns Building's editor

Spare a thought for NG Bailey. Having worked for 30 years for the supermarket chain Morrison, its dealing with the firm have been suspended following the stupid behaviour of small number of its work force.

If you don’t know the story, basically a handful of NG Bailey staff videoed themselves setting fire to each other and then posted the video on YouTube. Childish behaviour by anyone’s yardstick – but a sign of the times we now live in and a new type of peril that firms face.

Indeed the phenomenon of videoing outlandish behaviour should be alarming everyone with an attractive site or Building – take a look at the 28dayslater site where intruders to sites have produced some stunning photos of everything from the Dome the Paris sewers.

NG bailey has tracked down the culprits and no doubt be dealing with them appropriately. Morrison claims that Bailey hasn’t handled it well and have partly penalised the M&E contractor because of that. But with in a world obsessed with celebrity – and a ready made vehicle of the internet that allows anyone to have their five minutes of fame - the NG Bailey’s punishment seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? Especially as the contractor now says the site featured in the videos was not a Morrisons store.