Written warnings are given to fuve builders involved in the infamous YouTube films

An investigation into the NG Bailey YouTube scandal has resulted in disciplinary action, but no sackings.

Of the 12 people involved, five have received final written warnings, and two decided to resign during the disciplinary process. Five had already left the company when the videos were uncovered.

The action came in response to the broadcast of videos on website YouTube in February. These showed workers dressed in high-visibility NG Bailey vests wrapping each other in gaffer tape and setting light to one another (pictured).

As a result of the furore, supermarket Morrisons, one of the firm’s biggest clients, suspended all new contracts, although its existing electrical contracts were unaffected.

This week, NG Bailey said it maintained a strong relationship with the unnamed subcontractor involved in the incident.

The company identified 12 individuals connected to the creation and posting of the video. One was directly employed by NG Bailey; the others were from a subcontractor and an employment agency, which the company refuses to name.

In a statement, the firm said: “A thorough investigation has been undertaken by NG Bailey. As a result, and in close consultation with Amicus, now part of Unite, full disciplinary action has been taken where appropriate.”

Meanwhile, Roger Owen, Morrisons’ property director, revealed that the supermarket was no longer renewing some of its contracts with NG Bailey.

He said: “I worry that we are on a slippery slide towards an eventual parting of ways.”
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