18-storey Mjøstårnet tower in Brumunddal set to be 80m tall

Mjøstårnet tower norway

Backers behind an 18-storey tower block currently under construction in Norway claim it will the world’s tallest building made of timber.

The Mjøstårnet structure will be more than 80m in height and nearly 30m higher than what is said to be the current record holder, the Tall Wood Residence block in Vancouver, Canada, which is 53m tall.

The tower will sit on the edge of the north-eastern tip of a lake in the town of Brumunddal, 140km north of Oslo, housing apartments, an indoor swimming pool, hotel, offices, restaurant and communal areas.

Wood from nearby spruce forests will be used in the construction.

Investor and client Arthur Buchardt said he hoped the scheme would inspire others. “Through Mjøstårnet we demonstrate that it is possible to construct large, complex wooden buildings.”

Completion of the Mjøstårnet tower is scheduled for December next year.

Two of the world’s five tallest timber buildings are in London; the 33m-high Cube in Hackney, and a nearby Waugh Thistleton-designed plywood residential block, also 33m tall.