Buildoffline reveals exponential growth of offsite construction market.

The value of the offsite market rose to £2.2bn in 2004 according to a study by Buildoffline. The value represents a substantial increase on 2002’s figure of £800.9m, although this was derived by BSRIA using different calculation methods.

The offsite market represented 2.1% of the total value of the construction sector in the UK, which was £106.8bn in 2004. Buildoffsite said that the non-volumetric pre-assembly market was valued at £1.28bn, modular and portable buidings at £0.64bn and volumetric pre-assembly at £0.29bn.

The study defined offsite as “the manufacture and pre-assembly of components, elements or modules before installation into their final location.” It excluded elements that have to be manufactured offsite anyway such as bricks, blocks and tiles.