CAT delayed handing down judgment to firm facing £8.3m fine for reasons of ’convenience’

The Competition Appeal Tribunal has delayed handing down the judgments on the appeals made by six construction companies to OFT cover pricing fines.

It had originally intended to decide on the following companies at 10.30am today, but has put this back until Thursday at 09.45am for reasons of “convenience”:

·        Apollo (original fine) £2,150,536

·        Galliford Try £8,333,329

·        GF Tomlinson £1,269,270

·        G&J Seddon £1,516,646

·        Interclass £464,406

·        Sol Construction £1,835,702

None of these companies are contesting liability.

This morning it handed down a judgment on Durkan, which saw its fine reduced by 64 per cent from £6,720,551 to £2,436,000 and was successful in contesting one aspect of its liability.

This rate of reduction was much lower than the percentage decrease achieved by lawyers acting for six earlier appellants, including Kier and John Sisk, which on average saw fines reduced by 90 per cent.