Legacy body targets zero-carbon for all homes on post-Games site

All homes built on the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be constructed to zero carbon standards, promote zero waste to landfill, and set new benchmarks for sustainable living, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has said.

The commitment comes in a guide to post-Games sustainability for the 225 hectare park, which is expected to provide up to 8,000 homes.

According to Your Sustainability Guide to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 2030 - see file, right - everything from the appliances installed in new homes, to the transport links into the park and the public bins and recycling points will design in sustainability.

LLDC chief executive Andrew Altman pledged the Olympic park would become a benchmark for sustainable living.

“This guide sets out an ambitious plan to not just deliver sustainable parklands, homes and jobs but also to create an environment that drives behavioural change,” he said.

“This ambition will shape every development on the Park from the low energy homes, to the ticketless events, to the beautiful bio-diverse habitat we plan to create.”

The report’s key targets for sustainable development

Energy conservation and carbon reduction

  • Zero carbon homes
  • 15% reduction in emissions from actual energy use by park occupants over five years by promoting energy efficient home appliances
  • 25% reduction in operational emissions over five years in venues and parklands

Materials selection

  • 100% of timber products from sustainable sources
  • 25% minimum recycled content of major materials
  • Energy efficient lighting throughout the Park

Waste management

  • Zero municipal waste direct to landfill by 2025
  • Zero events waste to landfill by 2020
  • By 2020, 60% of household waste should be recycled or composted compared to a current London average of 32%

Water management and conservation

  • Reduce drinking water use by Park residents to 105 litres per person per day, compared to a London average of 144 litres
  • Maintain and improve upon a 40 per cent reduction in drinking water use in the venues when compared to similar venues
  • All new developments to use rainwater harvesting and grey water (domestic waste water) and park irrigation to be from rainwater harvesting and treated black water (sewage)

Helping sustainable lifestyles

  • 100% of homes will have smart meters to help people monitor their energy use
  • Superfast broadband and Wi-Fi in and around the park
  • Promote recycling across the park