The troubled Paddington heath campus scheme suffered another blow this week when it emerged that sensitive documents had been stolen, forcing project staff to carry out a security investigation

Leaked minutes of a meeting of the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust show that two separate security breaches occurred this autumn. Heightened security measures are now in place to prevent further incidents.

According to the minutes, the first incident involved the theft of a computer belonging to one of the project’s assistant directors of finance as well as paper documents. Some of these documents have since been returned to the project’s headquarters.

The minutes go on to refer to “a further incident” that occurred subsequent to the theft, although it is unclear whether more documents were stolen.

It is understood that an investigation followed the breaches, and that a security post has now been installed on the hospital’s Eastbourne Terrace site to prevent future breaches.

The revelations are the latest problem to hit the PFI project, which was originally priced at £382m but has now risen to £800m.

The first incident involved the theft of an assistant director of finance's computer

A government review published in September criticised the poor business plan behind the scheme.

Another blow came in October when Westminster council attacked the project’s design. A council report said it had “fundamental concerns” about the height, bulk and form of buildings proposed by architect Terry Farrell & Partners.

The scheme will create a health campus by redeveloping St Mary’s hospital and incorporating Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals and Imperial College.

Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust refused to comment on the security breach or the nature of the documents.