Vice-president contender focuses on Obama plans to tax small businesses

Governor Sarah Palin is using a builder to try and boost her waning appeal.


Colombian born Tito Munoz, now a US citizen, runs his own construction business in Virginia, and has taken on the role of “Joe the Plumber”, who became a Republican mascot after challenging Barack Obama on his plans for higher taxes.

Dressed in his work gear and hard hat, Munoz stood on stage with Palin and announced to the crowd: “You can call me Tito the Builder. I have been called [here] by two great Americans who stand for freedom. They are John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The vice-president hopeful used the builder to underline how she and senator John McCain aim to focus on Mr Obama's plans to tax small businesses earning more £147,000 a year.

Palin has faced dwindling numbers attending her rallies, with just 3,000 turning up recently to voice their support. Last week, 30,000 saw Barack Obama speak in the same town.