The weekend newspapers discussed Mace's role in the ODA bidding process as well as Wilson Bowden's proposed sale

‘Head start’ on 2012 bid

The Olympics was big news in the Sunday Times this weekend. The newspaper reported that there was a row over CLM winning the role of delivery partner because the CLM’s Mace had people working at the ODA while the bidding process was underway. It said that members of two of the losing consortium have privately “voiced their concerns” that Mace was given preferential treatment.

The Sunday Times also had a feature looking at which companies were set to cash in from the 2012 Olympics.

Scramble for building giant

The Sunday Times splashed with the news that Wilson Bowden had effectively put itself up for sale. The story was also picked up by the Sunday Telegraph. For more details read Building’s story below.

UK growth streaks ahead of the G7

Gordon Brown has been given the green light to upgrade his growth forecast in next week’s pre-budget statement, according to the Telegraph. It says figures from the Office for National Statistics show the UK economy is growing faster than any other major westernised economy.

British Energy sell-off frozen for two years

The Government is set to delay the planned multi-billion pound sale of its stake in British Energy until 2008 at the earliest, the Independent on Sunday reported. The paper claimed that the recent slump in British Energy’s share price, caused mainly by problems with its ageing nuclear reactors, has led to the government to postpone its sale of part of its 65% stake. It is expected that up to one-third of the £7.2 bn stake will eventually be sold.

Morgan Crucible names new head

Travis Perkins chairman Tim Stevenson has been named as the new chairman of ceramics and carbon group Morgan Crucible the Independent reported on Saturday. Stevenson, 58, will take over the role on Friday.