The village for athletes at the heart of the Paris 2012 Olympic bid would provide 11,000 homes after the games, if France was selected as host.

The accommodation is crammed into a 43 ha site in Les Batignolles, north-west Paris, with 40% designated as social housing. This compares to a 30-50% target in the London bid.

The International Olympic Committee is currently in the UK assessing the London bid.

It will visit Paris next month.

The Parisian social housing would probably not be distributed across the site, but concentrated in one area away from the upmarket homes that would also be developed after the games.

Architect Francois Grether, responsible for the village masterplan, said the social housing would be at the heart of a 10 ha park made up of eight buildings of six to eight storeys.

During the games, the village would be cordoned off from the rest of Paris with tall hedgerows and screens. It would be opened up to the rest of the city after the games, when transport links and offices would also be added.

Grether said: “The village will be a cocoon for the athletes. But when the games are finished it will be the complete opposite. It is like an egg that opens up.”

Paris 2012 chief operating officer Essar Gabriel said that winning the games would accelerate regeneration in Paris. He said: “Something that could take 20 to 30 years could be achieved within a decade.”

Other advances that could be made include providing disabled access at Metro stations in Paris, which would be vital under International Olympic Committee rules. Gabriel said: “This would raise awareness of people with disabilities – in France we need a leap forward like this.”