Minister says that next week's special forum on safety will not be allowed to become a talking shop

Peter Hain has told the TUC that the construction industry forum on safety must come up with an urgent action plan.

Peter Hain
Hain: The forum must not become a talking shop

Echoing previous comments the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said the forum must not become a talking shop. He said: "It must deliver an urgent action plan to reverse the macabre toll of rising death and injury in construction."

Hain has invited representatives from construction, the HSE and trade unions to the forum, which takes place next Monday.

Hain was speaking as the HSE revealed that one in three workers on refurbishment sites were at risk.

He said: “The HSE closed down 244 of the sites immediately. But safety should never have been compromised in the first place. I will not tolerate a continued increase in construction deaths.