Hamiltons Architects wins planning for brass clad mixed-use building on Pentonville Road

Hamiltons Architects has been given the go-ahead for a mixed-use development in Islington containing 26 flats.

The planners asked for a ‘jewel box’ like building reflecting the site’s position opposite Grimaldi Park and a listed church on the Pentonville Road.

Profiled perforated brass with flush windows will be used on the envelope of the building. Hamiltons director Craig Casci said brass was a more ‘dynamic’ material than bronze or patinated copper. “It will start changing its reflective properties as soon as it is unwrapped - the fins will also shed water unevenly, leading to certain areas staying brighter longer.”

Hamiltons says the insulation and shading system meant that air conditioning would not be required. The proposal also included recycled material for the insulation and cladding and an integrated ventilation system to reduced energy requirements.