Deputy prime minister John Prescott may host a second urban summit to assess regeneration policy, just two years after the first event.
Prescott's regeneration adviser David Lunts is seeking advice from leading industry figures on whether a summit next year would drive regeneration policy. The summit would mark the fifth anniversary of the Urban Task Force report, Lord Rogers' recommendations on how to revitalise Britain's cities.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister said: "Soundings have taken place and we're not ruling anything out at this stage, but nothing's planned."

Lunts is believed to have approached former members of the Urban Task Force this week about whether a second summit is needed.

Former taskforce member Alan Cherry would not confirm an approach, but said: "I don't know if there's any definite decision, but I would welcome it. Having got the urban renaissance message across last year, a lot more still needs to be done."

Another taskforce member said: "I've been asked about it by the ODPM in the past few days. It's likely to happen next October or November. We would look at examples of successes as well as problems and difficulties."

After the first urban summit, held in Birmingham last October, a committee was set up to assess the importance of the conference.

Soundings have taken place, but nothing’s planned

ODPM spokesperson