Pegler Yorkshire has introduced the Prestex circulation valve which is designed to help prevent legionella bacteria from breeding in domestic hot and cold water systems

Legionella bacteria are the cause of Legionnaires’ disease and occur naturally in the sources from which mains water is derived. In the UK, the problem is usually linked with hot and cold water systems in hospitals and hotels, and it is often forgotten that domestic systems are not immune from this problem. In the home, the most common way for the bacteria to be transferred is directly into the lungs is from the spray created by a shower.

The Prestex circulation valve is a thermostatically controlled device that works by automatically achieving thermal balancing and the high-temperature disinfection of the hot water system, which denies the legionella bacteria its optimum conditions for growth – between 22°C and 43°C.

The company claims it also helps to minimise hot water costs and reduce water consumption.

All the valves are DIN-DVGW-approved, deliver automatic thermal disinfection in temperature ranges above 65°C and include thermometer and insulation jackets. A stop valve and a drain valve is also included, which allows for some flow adjustment via manual control; regulating cartridges are available as spares if required.

Pegler Yorkshire