Prince Charles is set to break with tradition by allowing modernist buildings on to a development near Plymouth.

Twenty years after his “monstrous carbuncle” speech, the Prince’s Foundation is planning a 4000-unit development in Sherford, Devon. But although the community is set to follow the layout of a “traditional” village, the development could also include modernist buildings.

Ben Bolgar, the foundation’s director of architecture, said the development would follow the wishes of residents who want Poundbury-style Urban Design, but could have a limited number of modernist buildings.

He said: “This would be a sensitive traditional development: that’s what people want and we’re not going to argue with that.

“But there could be modernist buildings within this framework.

We think modernist architects do their best work when they have a context in which to work.”

Last October, the Foundation conducted an Enquiry by Design event on behalf of South Hams council, working in partnership with Plymouth council, Devon council and the Highways Agency.

The collaborative event, involving a wide range of organisations and community groups, resulted in a masterplan that sets out how the community ought to be built, including the arrangement of streets, transport links, schools, community facilities, business premises and open spaces.

Sherford also has the potential to be linked with Plymouth by developing the land in between, creating up to 10,000 houses.