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Concrete range is hot stuff
Degusssa Construction Chemicals has introduced a range of form release agents for the UK concrete market. Most of the range is aimed at the precast concrete industry. Degussa says it comprises high-end products such as Rheofinish 211 and 215, as well as mid-range and low-price release agents.

There is also a product for high temperatures (up to 100°C) and an agent with an anti-rust formulation. Degussa has also introduced protective agent Rheofinish 299 C, which is designed to give a protective film on equipment surfaces to reduce the adherence of concrete residues.
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Textured finish with Grace
Grace Construction Products has launched the Pieri AGP Formliners range in the UK. The products allow precast and insitu concrete surfaces to be finished with textured decorative finishes. In the range of single-use polystyrene modules there are 74 different patterns, of which 14 are available in flexible elastomeric polyurethane modules. These can be used from 10 to 100 times, depending on site conditions and the care each module is given.
Grace Construction Products
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Picture-perfect cladding
The Repertoire online colour matching service from Corus Colours now offers a range of photorealistic 3D images. Users can now visualise Corus Colour's range of HPS200 pre-painted steel cladding on a range of building types. The 3D visualisations include office, retail, industrial, and stadium cladding projects. The user will be able to apply different colours and textures to a range of cladding profile types and orientations. RAL colour references can be input directly and the Celestia range of metal-finish cladding can also be applied.
Corus Colours
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Glazed cladding reaches dizzy heights
Two 10-storey-high atriums in Paddington Basin have been glazed using FendorHansen's silicone-jointed glazed cladding system.

The 1500 mm x 3600 mm panels were installed using a specially designed mechanical robot, which was positioned on the floorplates, to manoeuvre the panels into place. FendorHansen developed eight new extrusions for the projects. Once the panels were in place a 3200 mm deep aluminium cover plate was installed. The plate and the other visible sections were finished in a charcoal grey/black polyester power coating applied in the HansenGroup Danish plant.
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Nottingham lace goes green
Dryvit External Insulation and Finishing Systems has provided the finish for an eight-storey apartment block in Nottingham developed by Lace Market Properties. The Canning Circus building has structural steel-frame construction with timber infill panels. The cladding system incorporates expanded polystyrene insulation boards protected by a glass-fibre reinforcing mesh embedded in a polymer-modified cementitious base coat and finished with an acrylic coating. It was fixed to the external wall using the Dryvit Rail System to provide a continuous layer of insulation outside the frame structure and a cavity. This method minimised cold bridging and meant that U-values of 15 W/m2K were achieved; the cavity also ensured that moisture control and airflow met NHBC standards. A sand-coloured Sandpebble Fine texture finish was applied.
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Clay cladding system goes online
Baggeridge Brick has launched a website for Corium, the clay brick cladding system developed in conjunction with Terrapin and Corus. The website contains details of the latest product development, case studies on completed projects and future developments on larger file formats and complementary cladding materials. The site provides technical specification, and installation details and a guide on the support and services available from the Corium technical department. Corium has also extended its range of colours and added glazed and textured products. A partnership with GB Brick & Artstone also allows details such as cast stone sills and feature bands to be applied.
Corium Cladding
Baggeridge Brick
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Putting Ikea in the shade
Levolux has provided the shading for the glass facades of an Ikea store in Cardiff. Together with Stubbs Rich Architects, Levolux developed a combination of horizontal and vertical shading to protect the double-height entrance area from overheating. Two sections of Levolux 400 mm aerofoil fins were installed at a pitch of 500 mm, one as a vertical stack, and one as a run installed along the facade. Levolux also designed bespoke 11 m high vertical fins individually mounted on mild steel columns. These fins are painted bright yellow to blend in with Ikea's corporate colours.
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Colourful flooring that bowls you over
Orange and blue Tarkett Sommer Linoleum flooring has been specified for the Ballymena Sportsball. The floorcovering has been laid in a variety of patterns to guide people to specific areas. It also has the Sportsbowl logo, which has been cut into the linoleum. Ballymena Sportsbowl says that the linoleum flooring was partly specified because of its resistance to chewing gum and cigarette burns. Tarkett Sommer says that Ballymena Sportsbowl is also one of the first places to feature its Stone vinyl tile, which has a natural stone appearance. Stone is an IQ floorcoverings, which Tarkett Sommer claims offers durability and a reduction in life cycle costs. The Sportsbowl says it specified Stone tiles because they were hardwaring, easy to maintain and simple to replace individually if any get damaged.
Tarkett Sommer
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American-style weathboard home
A self-built home in Hertfordshire has been clad with Eternit's fibre cement Weatherboard. The pre-painted white boards clad the upper storey of the home in Welwyn. The house could not be entirely clad in weatherboard as the planners insisted that the property had two different textures on the elevations. A mixture of natural brick and white render has been used on the ground floor facade.
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Facelift for Scottish facades
Fife council is upgrading the facades of 150 BISF Building System properties with Dollken Cladding from KR Plastics. The refurbished homes in Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly will meet the thermal requirements of the latest building regulations and KR Plastics says the cladding will help to achieve this. Ravenna Stonechip was specified on the ground floor to match the grey slate cladding to the upper floor. KR Plastic says the council opted for Dollken because it is a dry application that can be quickly fitted in any weather conditions. The Dollken Ravenna Stonechip cladding is manufactured from cellular foam thermoplastic with natural stone aggregate embedded into the surface during production.
KR Plastics
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CA does it itself in Cardiff
CA Building Products Twin-Therm has been chosen to roof and clad a B&Q warehouse in Cardiff. The specification comprised 4000 m2 of Twin-Therm wall cladding as well as 12,500 m2 of Twin-Therm roofing and 1500 m2 double-sided single-skin system to form the canopy for the builder's yard. The roof and canopy were finished in Goosewing Grey.
CA Building Products
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Global portfolio of silicone glazing
Building sealant manufacturer Tremco has produced an information folder illustrating projects across the world where its structural silicone glazing and curtain walling sealants have been used. Buildings from Beirut and California are featured as well as projects closer to home, including a building close to the Tremco's Slough headquarters.
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Tiles go swimmingly with Oxford scholars

Shackerley Holdings Group has supplied the mosaics and floor and wall tiles for the new Rosenblatt 25 m swimming pool at Oxford University. All the tiles and mosaics required for each of the wet and dry areas were sourced from Shackerley, making the tiling cheaper and logistically simpler. The ceramics package comprised Mirage anti-slip floor tiles, Infinity silk finish wall tile, Ezarri silicon-dot mounted mosaics and Blink vitrified extruded pool tank tiles, step treads and pool edge detailing. Shackerley also manufactured a bespoke Shoreflow overflow channel grating system to meet the precise dimensions required.
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What’s the spec?

Digital Technium, Wales
Welsh slate is renowned for its quality, durability and its ability to keep Welsh planning officers happy. They appreciate it because it’s a local material and ties in new buildings to the surrounding landscape. The new Digital Technium building at the University of Swansea by Boyce Rees Architects has an impressive spine wall and was originally specified in slate. The problem with Welsh slate is that it is sold at a premium and after the university called for the project to be value-engineered it was decided to specify a more cost-effective alternative. Rainsreen cladding manufacturer Shackerley recommended using polished ceramic granite slabs instead. According to Shackerley it has a similar appearance to slate but is much cheaper. Shackerley worked with unglazed ceramic granite manufacturer Mirage to create a black reflective slab with a dark grey vein. In total, 1388 of the impermeable granite slabs were used on the exterior of the spine and interior walls of the entrance hall and atrium, covering 1000 m2. The unusual design of the building meant that 500 of the slabs had to be specially cut. Every slab including the regular 1200 mm x 600 mm slabs, were then prefixed with Shackerley’s anchors and delivered to site with 3500 fixing straps in place.

University of Swansea
Boyes Rees Architects
Curtain walling contractor
William Verry

Bridge is test of Corus’ metal

The Bridge mixed-used development in Argyle Street, Glasgow is the first UK project to have AluPlusZinc, Kalzip’s new composite metal cladding. The upper storeys of the building are clad in Kalzip AluPlusZinc AF (all flat) 333 profile. The zinc-coated aluminium cladding curves through a 41.15 m radium over the roof and extends vertically down the top three floors of the building. Corus Building Systems claims that the fusing of the zinc and aluminium metals creates a lightweight, strong and anti-corrosive material.
Corus Building Systems
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College entertainment is made clear

Curtain walling from Technal’s MC Trame suite has been specified by architects Perkins Ogden for an entertainment facility at the University of Southampton. The curtain walling was used to form a glazed link in an existing building originally designed by Basil Spence. The glazing overlooks a circulation space and bars at ground and first floor levels. The MC Trame Verticale system was finished in satin black and double-glazed using clear glass.
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Velodrome gives Welsh cycling a push

The Welsh National Velodrome in Newport is only Britain’s second indoor cycle track. The 250 m track has been built to comply with the standards of cycling’s governing body, the International Cycling Union, and should provide a boost to Welsh cycling. The Sports Council for Wales provided the funding for the £7m project designed by Milsom Architects. There are also changing rooms, a fitness club, sports science centre and offices. The track infield has a sprung floor, which can be used for indoor sports such as five-a-side football. The steel-framed building is clad in Euroclad metal panels and also has blockwork on the elevation containing the main offices and fitness club. The track was built in Amsterdam by Australian track specialist RV Webb using 50 mm2 sections of Siberian pine supported on timber trusses. The track was edge nailed together to ensure a smooth a surface as possible, and was built on a steel frame created by Milsom.
Milsom Architects
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Straight up

Self-employed architect Graham Bizley on a few of his favourite things What’s been your best ever specification?
Bespoke timber windows. What’s been the best product innovation of recent years?
Use of recycled materials such as newspaper insulation and car tyres for sound insulation. Which construction products do you swear by?
I love Sikkens & Sadolin wood sealants by Azko Nobel. I’ve done a lot of swearing at push-fit soil pipe connections this weekend trying to stop my toilet leaking. What material will we all be using in five years’ time?
Bricks and mortar. What is currently the most overused, cliched building product?
Timber cladding. Is there any red tape that keeps you awake at night?
No. What’s your favourite new sports or leisure stadium?
The Millennium stadium in Cardiff is in a great location – all that atmosphere right in the middle of the city – but it’s hard to think of a recent British facility with an exciting design. The Herzog & de Meuron Beijing stadium looks like it will be amazing.