Construction minister Brian Wilson announced on Tuesday that the government’s anti-cowboy scheme would be extended across the county.
Wilson, responding to a question tabled by Wirral South MP Ben Chapman, said the quality mark programme would be rolled out in urban areas over the next three or four years.

Wilson said: “I encourage tradesmen and local authorities to get behind the quality mark so that people around the country can benefit from the scheme.”

The government endorsement of the scheme comes despite continuing industry criticism. The National Federation of Builders has called for it to be merged with Constructionline, the government’s national vetting database.

Policy and planning director Barry Stephens said contractors now had to sign up to both schemes, which was costly and involved too much paperwork.

He said there should be a single fee for joining for both schemes.

One hundred and fifty builders in Birmingham and Somerset0, the two pilot areas, have signed up for the quality mark.