Crompton Solar has launched a “plug and play” range of its Solar PV system to make installation easier.

The company says the grid-connecting inverters offer a time-saving, lightweight and high-yield system. Called Combi-Complete, the company adds that recent trials showed a two to three-hour installation time for the system. The firm describes the pre-mounted units as 100% UK wired, labelled, tested and assembled on fire retardant backboard and comes with an Ofgem approved smart meter with modem and SIM. The system is 1,000mm high by 400mm wide and has a depth of 165mm. The system covers three different solar inputs, from 1,300-2,000Wp PV power range at 100-450V DC, 1,590W DC nominal input through to 2,900-4,350Wp PV power range at 100-550V DC 3,490W DC nominal input power. 2,900-4350Wp PV power range at 100-550 V DC 3,490W DC nominal input power. 

Crompton Solar