A report commissioned by the Greater London Authority has called for a new views policy in the capital.
Architect DEGW said in its report, London's Skyline, Views and High Buildings, that London's existing policy on protecting views does not fit with other GLA strategies – such as creating clusters of tall buildings to benefit the city's economy.

The report's executive summary said: "This study derives an alternative views framework, which seeks to align the values expressed by designation and protection of views with the other issues of strategic importance to London."

The new policy would also protect the quality of the viewing location as well as the view itself.

DEGW backed plans for more tall buildings in London, adding that towers were particularly appropriate as part of clusters in the City, Canary Wharf and transport nodes. The report says high-rise buildings boost regeneration and are important for the accommodation of the financial services industry and the commercial sector.

The architect calls for a new strategic framework for tall buildings to be put in place, clearly defining the appropriate location for them according to their use.

The report added: "Residential and commercial high buildings have very varied characteristics in terms of their locational preferences, their impact on the city's infrastructure, and their environmental design requirements."