Body hits back despite costs being lowered

RIBA has said that ARB’s fee for architectural schools to accredit their courses is too costly even though ARB lowered the fee last month.

Jack Pringle, chair of RIBA, said: “The reduced blanket fee of £6,500 is still a significant burden – and one that will disproportionately affect smaller learning providers and those already struggling financially.”

“In any case, a school offering two accredited qualifications will have to pay £7,800 and conceivably others will pay more. It’s not quite the discount it first seems.”

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RIBA has said accreditation fees are still too high, even though ARB recently lowered them

This month ARB, which regulates the architecture profession in the UK, announced that it would reduce its fee for schools from a £9,200 annual fee to £6,500 per annum. But 10% of the new fee would be added for every accredited course in schools that offer several architectural qualifications.

When ARB set the fee to £9,200 fee in November, RIBA described it as “an unwelcome shock and unexpected financial burden”.

The professional body is also concerned that the current fee increase could affect students, arguing that it would make it difficult for accredited courses to continue to become available.

RIBA have also said that it wants to see quicker and less expensive pathways for architectural qualification.