RICS President Nick Brooke this week published the Brooke Report, setting out his proposals to remodel the organisation.
He said the plans would result in better value for money for members – a sore point after membership fees were increased 32% last year.

The report, which will be debated by the RICS council on 28 June, makes 44 recommendations, most of which could be brought in immediately or within the year.

Key changes involve more devolved power to regional boards, greater representation for members under 35 and overhauling the way in which the RICS communicates.

Brooke also pledged to give a greater voice to the three national associations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and to produce a simple guide to the RICS, including its decision-making structure, and how the partnership between staff and members works. The body's 16 faculties are to be clustered into broader groups of Land, Property and Built Environment.

Brooke pledged that no further charges would be introduced to bring in the plans.