RICS members will resign if complaints about its management continue to be ignored, says rebel QS Jeremy Hackett.

The claim by Hackett, a QS at Schofield Lothian, is the latest twist in his dispute with the RICS over the increase in membership fees last year. Hackett and his supporters say the RICS has ignored evidence suggesting the increase was illegal.

Hackett said: “We have been advised by a QC that the extraordinary general meeting where the increase was implemented was not properly conducted. We put our evidence to the RICS last month, but it has done nothing. It is showing an arrogant disregard for members by burying its head in the sand.”

Hackett warned that members were prepared to resign next month if the matter was not investigated. He said that he was advising people to cancel their direct debits.

The row started in May last year when the meeting passed a motion to increase subscriptions by 32%.

A RICS spokesperson said: “We are in regular contact with Mr Hackett and will respond to him in due course.”