University of Westminster launches Build Up for out of work surveyors to develop skills in recession

RICS is lending its support to a new course at the University of Westminster which promises to give chartered surveyors an opportunity to up-skill during the recession.

Build Up was launched this week to offer surveyors who are out of work, or under-employed, an opportunity to assess their careers, develop skills and get involved in innovative new collaborations.

The programme will offer places on three ‘strands’ that will run for a year at the university, beginning next month.

It will provide networking opportunities and a chance for surveyors to assess their careers.

Topics covered will range from business skills to community engagement, and there will be a focus on issues that can be overlooked in traditional educational or professional environments.

Students will also get the opportunity to work on a range of collaborative projects, involving local authorities and not-for-profit organisations that focus on low carbon and sustainable community issues.

Max Crofts, RICS president, said: “RICS is fully supportive of the University of Westminster initiative to support the up-skilling and re-employment prospects for members of property, construction and built environment professions who have been made redundant in the current economic downturn.

“We are more than aware of the difficulties faced by those who have found themselves out of work and we are keen to promote any initiatives that will ensure our qualified members are not lost to the profession.”

Around 1,500 places will be on offer for free to London professionals working in any of seven built environment and related professions.

RICS is also offering free student membership to all participants on the programme.