Standard already being rolled out by some firms, including Arup

The RICS will publish the first ever global standard for construction measurement this summer.

Speaking to Building at Mipim, the RICS’ chief executive Sean Tompkins (pictured) said the standard will provide “consistency” on project costs worldwide.

Tompkins said: “There’s never been a more important time for people to understand the real cost in construction.” He added that some clients and construction firms were already using the standard, including engineer Arup.

His comments came as the RICS launched conflicts of interest guidance for surveyors at the Mipim event, outlining practice it deems acceptable and not.

Tompkins also highlighted that the professional body, which turns 150 next year, has reacently launched a conflict avoidance service for construction firms to help resolve disputes before they reach court.

Tompkins said it was “critical” for the industry as “the last thing people can afford is everyone getting their lawyers and going to court every time something doesn’t quite go right. You’ll never get anything built.”

He added that the body was working closely with TfL to speed up conflict resolution on major infrastructure projects.