Consultant workes on Leicestershire young offenders institute as part of larger prison expansion scheme

Consultant Rider Levett Bucknall has completed a £42m Midlands prison scheme.

A team, led by RLB’s senior project manager Stephen Brooke, has completed the project at HMP Stocken in Leicestershire as part of UK’s newest prison expansion scheme.

Rider Levett Bucknall completes £42m Midlands prison scheme

The 20-month contract included two house-blocks, capable of together holding 184 inmates, as well as the provision of a new store, care unit and kitchen.

The project also featured the design and construction of a specialist workshop to offer NVQ-based training.

The prison near Oakham was conceived as a young offenders’ institution in the mid-80s, but almost immediately reclassified as a training prison for adult males.

Designed to cope with just 300 inmates, the subsequent explosion in Britain’s prison population saw extra accommodation wings added on four occasions.

Brook said: “You might think a construction site inside a prison would be as secure as possible, but it needs a great deal of advance planning and subsequent organisation to make things proceed smoothly.

“We have carried out extensive improvements to the jail’s electrical infrastructure, and as there were eight wings housing more than 550 inmates, there was a complex rolling programme to move people in and out of different buildings as the work proceeded.”

Both house-blocks have been handed over, to time and on budget.